Monitor Settings

In many of the Internet Psychology Lab Experiments, it is important that you have the brightness and contrast adjusted properly. This section will show you how to set them.


First, you should adjust the brightness of your monitor. On most monitors, the brightness control is labeled with this symbol: Brightness symbol
To adjust brightness, adjust the size of your screen such that there is a black border around it. This black border should not appear to be lit up. Adjust the brightness control so the screen is as bright as possible while the border still does not appear to be lit up.


On most monitors, the contrast control is labeled with this symbol: Contrast symbol
Below, you should see nine rectangles arranged in a row, on a gray background (the middle rectangle matches the background). If you do not see this, please increase your display area if possible.

The squares are shaded such that they gradually darken from white to black. The brightness of the rectangles should appear to decrease linearly from left to right. (If the rectangles are not distinct, see instructions in the next section for Netscape settings.) Adjust only the contrast to get the highest distinction.

Note: If you are seeing colors other than gray below, or cannot make adjustments to see nine distinct colors, it is possible that your video settings are incorrect. If this is the case, we recommend you do not try any of the experiments which use color.

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