We have taken great efforts to make our site compatible with all browsers, platforms, and configurations, while attempting to make it look the same, download quickly, and be accessible to people with different needs and expectations. This is a dynamic and ever changing task. The nature of IPL, a "multimedia laboratory of on-line experiments", sets us technologically apart from other web sites you may encounter.

In order to do these experiments, to make them as accurate and interactive as possible, we rely on new technolgies. We try to use only those technolgies that are standard to the most popular browsers and platforms. Unfortuantely, browser technologies change quickly, and with the competition among software manufacturers we can't always predict what each new version will support.

We hope that, due to these limitations, you will understand that not all problems you experience with IPL can be solved on our end. If you have encountered a problem with IPL, please take the time to read the FAQ sheet for your browser type, operating system, and specific problems encountered. There you will find problems that we are aware of and are working to resolve. Other problems should be reported to us under OTHER PROBLEMS.